Public Relations is best equipped to address this new way of communication

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Social activism has been growing everywhere and is creating social movements, setting new behavioral models.

Social media has been flooded with #cancelculture topics which emphasizes a whole new aspect of communication that is rooted in brand purpose and…

More stories. Less telling.

In the fast-paced stressful daily life people live, brands are bombarding consumers with zillions of messages at the same time. Is a load of information something people want to see every day?

It is the Internet of everything or “Internet of anything” — a place where a lot is going…

The new model of consumer persuasion to build brand affinity

Future is technology but without the human touch, nothing really matters. When people are becoming more conscious of what content they want to see and hear, how their brain responds to messages — image or video, it is a key to brand communications.

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With different tools and platforms, marketers are…

The role of influencers in brand communications

Influencer marketing is strongly linked to the brand’s trust, transparency, accountability and ROI.

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Original blog post appears on Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs Influencers.

Everyone has a voice in social networks and can express an opinion online. This way people have…

Can we stop the spread of fake news?

Fake news is everywhere these days. Fake news travels 6 times faster than real news. False stories aim to manipulate public opinion. They reach people quicker online. With the huge social media consumption, people don’t check news sources often.

“83% of the…

Right media format in the right channel for the right audience.

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Still, many companies include a mix of communication channels in their campaigns like online media, blogs, social media, radio and/or television. The integrated approach in communications allows companies to reach to wider audience. For each channel, messages are modified to suit the channels specifications and their audience content consummation.


When you travel, you explore and you learn new things. Voyage is a state that enables feelings to flourish, skills and knowledge to grow.

Why not travel through communication?

Stories help people travel to another world. Stories help people dream and plan things or improve their life.

Have you noticed that people who travel a…

What benefits Artificial Intelligence has that will impact communications on a strategic level

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a widely discussed trend across many industries. Trends are evolving faster than we can adapt to those changes. …

Growing word-of-mouth for your blockchain company

Recently I have published an article with 15 how-tos for building a communication strategy for a blockchain company. In today’s digital world influencers are an integral part of the communication plan. Why? …

15 how-tos in a communication plan for blockchain companies.

Fintech industry is the fastest growing because of technology innovations of products and services. Digital transformation has created new models of companies in order to answer what people are looking for to satisfy their needs and solve their problems.

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In technological advanced countries like China, everything is mobile, digital, virtual…

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